Still Tuning

by Caalamus

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Here's another one in the "Tuning" series, the first of which was released on June 17th, 2013. You can download it for $1, here:

The idea behind the project was to conduct

"An experiment in Virtual Modular Analogue Synthesis. ...using only the A Series 1 & 2 Modular Synth Rack Extensions for Reason:


I've continued along the same path, however introducing additional ( non modular ) Virtual Analogue Synthesizers.

They are, in addition to the trusty A Series Modules...

AudioRealism's "ReDominator" sort of an Alpha Juno emulation:

Blamsoft's "VK 1 Viking Synthesizer", a nod to the Moog Voyager:

In consort with the trusty "A Series" Modules by Ochen K., I also wrote quite a bit of Rhythm with his "EDS06s" Virtual Analogue Drum Synth:

...& started getting to know his "Chip64 Synth":

...which is like owning a Commodore64 & a Commodore VIC 20, an Atari 2600, a Nintendo/GameBoy & a ColecoVision ( which contained the SN76489 chip. This IC was also used by Sega ).

I've become quite fond of FXpansion's "Tres" as wel, which is sort of like an SH 101, but sort of not... I don't really know what to compare it to, but I like tuning it! FXpansion has some rather forward thinking ways of implementing modulation:

A rather powerful piece of proprietary Synthesis technology included with Reason, which I certainly don't spend enough time tinkering on... is Thor, who's Thunder can be heard a few times on this release:

"Still Tuning" also includes Waves from Red Rock Sound's "Ivoks" ...which is based on the Formanta Polivox Synthesizer, a rather intriguing product from our friends in the CCCP, circa 1983:

Another resurrected rarity, in RackExtension rendition... is Korg's 1981 Mono/Poly ( Happy 34th Birthday Mono/Poly! ). It appears primarily in "Mono" here... as I'm still exploring it's "Poly" propensities :]

...& of course, the Propellerhead classic... upon which I learned to tune... the Subtractor :]


released March 27, 2015



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